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HG TECH 48 夫妻檔應該都要玩的遊戲 - kgg008366的創作- 巴哈姆 Mar 23, 2011 - 遊戲名稱:TECH 48 遊戲公司:TEATIME發售日期:2009/6/26MOD:少中文化: 有去碼:有聲優數:1人※T-CAM互動產品。 影片支援 從這部OP 大规响骑兵


Tech48: H Guide - Hgames Wiki Jan 2, 2015 - General info. The H play for this Teatime offering is fairly typical to their other releases. As you move in free play you will notice an icon in the 哥要搞蝴蝶谷中文网2

Tech48 - Hgames Wiki Jan 4, 2015 - Tech48 (テック フォーティエイト) is a 3D eroge created by the Japanese company Teatime. It comes on DVD packaged with special webcam 镣铐女犯故事